IAU World Challenge 100 km
Winschoten, The Netherlands
Saturday, September 9, 2000
8:00 AM EDT Start Time

Winschoten, The Netherlands
September 12, 2000: 

Update Tuesday, September 12 2000:


Following days of confusion on the heels of the IAU World 100km, held Saturday in Winschoten, The Netherlands, the official results of the World Title national team competition have been revealed.

In the final tally, the US men have moved up a notch in the standings, and have been awarded silver medals, behind France and ahead of South Africa.

And, for the second time in 6 years, the American women haved joined their male teammates on the flag stand, nabbing the bronze behind Germany and France.

1-France (Fetizon, Diehl, Guichard: 6:23:15, 6:41:35, 6:41:35 = 19:46:25)
2-USA  (Held, Nippert, Garcia: 6:33:12, 7:04:08, 7:08:22 = 20:45:42)
3 RSA  (Wright, Kelehe, Mteto: 6:46:10, 7:09:42, 7:09:42 = 21:01:32)

1-Germany (Wagner, Hiebl, Botzon: 7:39:35, 7:54:32, 8:05:21 =23:39:28)
2-France (Maggiolini, Beaulieu, Brionne: 7:46:05, 7:52:50, 8:27:36 = 24:06:31)
3 USA  (Bollig, Park, Cherniak: 8:08:03, 8:24:59, 8:29:59 = 25:03:01)

USA national ultra teams have now amassed one of the most impressive World competition records in American history:

1993: Women, Bronze (Kris Clark-Setnes, Sue Ellen Trapp, Ellen McCurtin)
1994: Men, Bronze (Tom Johnson, Rich Hanna, Bryan Hacker)
1995: Women, Gold (Ann Trason, Donna Perkins, Chrissy Duryea)
          Men, Silver (Tom Johnson, Jim Garcia, Kevin Setnes)
1998: Women, Bronze (Daniele Cherniak, Chrissy Duryea-Ferguson, Susan Olsen)
2000: Men, Silver (Dan Held, Howard Nippert, Jim Garcia)
          Women, Bronze (Deb Bollig, Luanne Park, Daniele Cherniak)

Update Sunday Morning, September 10 2000:


We now have results of all the Americans at today's World 100km.  Times and places for the top women in our previous posting were "unofficial," and they have now been revised and corrected.  Here are the confirmed American results:


4. Dan Held, 6:33:09
24. Howard Nippert, 7:03:06
29. Jim Garcia, 7:09:21
40. Kevin Setnes, 7:22:09
43. Bob Sweeney, 7:23:10
[58. Mike Carlson, 7:39:47 - not on national team]
81. Mark Godale, 8:12:48


10. Deb Bollig, 8:08:00
15. Luanne Park, 8:24:56
19. Daniele Cherniak, 8:29:55
[24. Christy Cosgrove, 8:43:22 - first team alternate]
26. Nancy Drach, 8:52:10
--. Tracy Rose and Chrissy Ferguson finished together in 9:44:55


UNEXPECTED SURPRISE: U.S. men on the podium! Some of the top individual Russians had not been declared on their
national team, and so the French men won the race.  The current team tally (still subject to verification of final team declarations) now has the Russians in second place and the AMERICAN MEN in third, ahead of Belgium and South Africa.

Some uncertainty has been caused by the apparent miscounting of some runners' laps and questions about the national affiliation of second-placed Elvira Kolpakova, but it now looks like the American women may have just missed joining the men on the awards podium, finishing fourth behind France, Germany, and either South Africa or Russia.  Hopefully, the situation will be clarified tomorrow.

According to Kevin Setnes, conditions were deceptively oppressive.  The days preceding the race had been cool and damp, but the first few hours of the race were much warmer, with high humidity.  The attrition rate through the second half of the race was very high.

Update at 5:45 PM EDT
Saturday September 9 2000


The live reports on the World 100km from the IAU have now closed for the day.  The results posted so fare are "UNOFFICIAL."  Team results are not yet available, although from the deeper women's results now available, it appears the American women may have a shot at squeaking through for the team bronze medal, with Deb Bollig, Luanne Park, and Nancy Drach finishing among the top 23.  A formidable performance by our relatively inexperienced new crop of gals.  The big question is runnerup (and last year's World Champion) Elvira Kolpakova.  She is listed as representing Russia, although last year she ran for Slovakia.  Both can't be right, so we'll have to wait for further clarification, as well as final confirmation of the official times.

We have no Men's results beyond the top 20, so we are still awaiting some word on how our men did behind Dan Held.

We'll keep the candles burning late tonight in hopes of some further report.


1.- Berces (HUN) 7:25:18

2.- Kolpakova (RUS) 7:35:00

3.- Wagner (GER) 7:39:32

4.- Maggiolini (FRA) 7:46:02

5.- Beaulieu(FRA) 7:52:48

6.- Hiebl(GER) 7:54:30

7.- Karaseva (RUS) 7:54:32

8.- Noguchi(JPN) 7:55:00

9.- Botzon(GER) 8:05:18

10.- Bollig. (USA) 8:08:00

11.- Lario (POR) 8:10:22

12.- Sekiya(JPN) 8:15:12

13.- Schafer(GER) 8:19:06

14.- Montgomery(RSA) 8:22:32 (Yeah!)

15.- Park (USA) 8:24:56

16.- Costetti(ITA) 8:25:37

17.- Brionne(FRA) 8:27:32

18.- Kawaliauskiene(LIT) 8:33:43

19.- Chester(RSA) 8:40:54

20.- Duval(FRA) 8:43:21 

21.- Cosgrove(USA) 8:43:22 (go .. Cossy)

22.- Savoskina(RUS) 8:47:35

23.- Drach(USA) 8:52:10 

Update at 3:40 PM EDT
Saturday September 9 2000 


We have finally logged into a spotty report on the World 100km being run currently in Winschoten, The Netherlands.  Here are the details:

Frenchman Pascal Fetizon has won the World 100km title in 6:23:13. Hungarian Edit Berces, winner of last year's Chancellor Challenge 100km in Boston, has won the women's title in 7:25.....

Top 4 Men:

1.  Fetizon, FRANCE, 6:23:13 (French National Record)
2.  Dmitry Radiuchenko, RUSSIA, 6:29:12
3.  Kharitonov, RUSSA, 6:29:26
4.  Dan Held, USA, 6:33:09 (misses American record by less than 3 min.)

The only report we have on the USA women is that Deb Bollig has led the Americans throughout, and was in 11th place (6:21:32) at 80km.  Earlier in the race, Luanne Park had been running second American, close to Bollig.

We will try to post more info as (if) we get it......

Unofficial Results:


1.- Fetizon (FRA) 6:23:13

2.- Radiuchenko(RUS) 6:29:12

3.- Kharitonov 6:29:26

4.- Held Dan (USA) 6:33:09

5.- Ganiev (RUS) 6:38:55

6.- Guichard(FRA) 6:41:34

7.- Diehl(FRA) 6:41:34

8.- Tiupin(RUS) 6:43:37

9.- Wright(RSA) 6:46:08

10.- Vozar(HUN) 6:49:58

11.- Sartori(ITA) 6:50:50

12.- Vandenriessche(BEL) 6:52:07

13.- Boiselier(FRA) 6:53:46

14.- Oliviera(BRA) 6:54:49

15.- Piveteau(FRA) 6:54:58

16.- Mikami(JPN) 6:55:03

17.- Kanarsky(BLR) 6:55:44

18.- Sommer (GER) 6:57:27

19.- Olsen(DEN) 6:58:29

20.- Siniushkin(RUS) 7:00:24


1.- Berces (HUN) 7:25:18

2.- Kolpakova (RUS) 7:35:00

3.- Wagner (GER) 7:39:32

4.- Maggiolini (FRA) 7:46:02

5.- Karaseva (RUS) 7:54:32

6.- Botzon(GER)

Winschoten, The Netherlands (Friday, Sept. 8): The USA National Ultra Team is set for tomorrow's World 100km title race, to commence at 1:00PM local time (8:00AM Eastern Time, USA). 

The American men will be represented by:

-Dan Held
-Jim Garcia
-Mark Godale
-Howard Nippert
-Kevin Setnes
-Bob Sweeney

The American women will be represented by:

-Deb Bollig
-Daniele Cherniak
-Nancy Drach
-Chrissy Ferguson
-Tracy Rose
-Luanne Park

We will attempt to post results (and, if possible, a team progress report during the race) as soon as we receive them, possibly immediately after the race.

Stay tuned.....

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