August 20, 2002

USA National 50k Trail Championship to be contested at Headlands 50k

A strong field of approximately 200 is assembling for the Headlands 50K, which will be run from Rodeo Beach, a few miles north of San Francisco, this coming Saturday, August 24, beginning at 7AM.

In an opening scene reminiscent of the movie Chariots of Fire, the runners will traverse a beach for a few hundred yards, with the Pacific Ocean on their right.  The difference is that when the runners exit the beach, they still will have 31 miles to go.

We're experiencing typical late summer weather of coastal morning fog, with sunshine later in the day and/or inland.  As of now, this pattern is expected to continue all week.  On the course there should be alternating fog and sunshine, breezy in places, moderate temperatures.  The start could be cool and foggy.

The race will determine the USATF 2002 50K Trail open men and women National Champions as well as age group National Champions for all five year brackets beginning age 40.  Men's and women's team champions also will be decided.

Every runner, fast or slow, will be treated to a stunningly beautiful and runnable, if hilly, course.  It isn't PR material because of the hills, and it will be touch and go as to whether the strong men's or women's course records (just under 4 and 4-1/2 hours, respectively) will be broken. But with the synergy of a national championship and the inspiration of the trails, the hills, and the ocean, anything is possible.

Please see the race's website at for additional information, including contacts.

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