November 2003: Coverage of the 2003 World Cup 100K in Taiwan
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Subject:    IAU 100K World Cup - Taiwan - November 16, 2003 
Date:    Nov 16, 2003 6:57 AM 
Contact: Nancy Hobbs, Chair, USATF Mountain Ultra Trailrunning Council

US Women Turn in Solid Performance at IAU 100K World Cup

Tainan County,Taiwan - The US women's team led by Nikki Kimball's 8th place finish in 8:51:35, came away with a fourth place national team finish based on combined finish times. (Italy, Germany, Japan were 1-2-3). Anne Riddle finished in 9th position with an 8:55:03 and Connie Gardner in 13th timed in 9:25:57 to round out the US scoring  members. The challenging course consisted of four 25k loops. With temperatures at the 9:00 a.m. start time in the 70s and humidity hovering near 80%, it was sure to be a race of attrition, especially since the conditions changed little throughout the race. 

There were 294 starters and at 11:25:01 the last US team competitor, Laura Nelson, crossed the line in 113th place. Nelson ran a gutsy race as did the entire team although some of the men's team did not finish. Dan Verrington dropped out near the 50K mark with a quadricep strain that kept him from continuing and Chuck Hubbard dropped at the 75K mark with stomach pains and cramping, certainly caused by the heat.
Howard Nippert cruised to a 12th place finish in 7:59:02 and was "like a metronome" according to team manager Lin Gentling,  "Howard is such a pro and so consistent."

Dave Dehart was the second male finisher in 10:24:33, while Bob Sweeney crossed the line in 11:19. 30 Countries competed in the event. In addition to the 100K world cup, there was also a masters component with the 100K WMA Masters Championship. The US fielded a masters squad comprised of 100K team members and additional athletes who traveled to the event specifically for the masters competition. The US masters women's team 35-39 age group finished in second place (Ann Heaselett (9:56:46), Anne Riddle
(8:55:03), and Laura Nelson (11:25:01). Roy Pirrung, who just set an American Men's 55-59 age-group record at the USA 24Hour Championship last weekend in San Diego, arrived just 24 hours before the start
of the race and went on to win the 55-59 in an impressive 9:43:07. Other masters results not available at press time. 

The 100K was part of a larger race festival which included a 5K, 10k, 25K, 50K, and 100k citizens race. More than 22,000 runners competed. Complete results available within 24 hours at the IAU website.

Unofficial Results:

8)Nikki Kimball, 8:51:35
9)Anne Riddle, 8:55:03
13)Connie Gardner, 9:25:57
--)Jenny Capel (alternate) 9:33:45
--) Anne Heaslett, 9:56:46
--)Tania Pacev, 10:22:07
--)Laura Nelson 11:25:01

12) Howard Nippert, 7:59:02
--) Dave Dehart, 10:24:33
--) Bob Sweeney, 11:19:00


Nancy Hobbs reports from Taiwan:

At halfway the conditions have taken a toll. It is hot,according to the athletes, much hotter on the upside of the dam (at 6K of the 25k loop) on the way back to the S/F line. Not sunny, but overcast. American Dan Verrington has dropped out.

For the men, Howard Nippert came through the 50K in 20th position in a time of 3:37 looking very strong indeed. Second American was Chuck Hubbard in 3:59:10 followed by a wobbly Bob Sweeney in 4:14:30. Bob had to sit for a few minutes to regain his legs and cool down. We sent him out at a walk to the next aid station and told him to evaluate his condition there. Next through was our final runner still in the race, Dave Dehart. Looking better than Sweeney but feeling the heat in 4:25:12.

The women, on the other hand, all looked exceptional with Nikki Kimball leading the group in 11th position in 4:18. Next was Anne Riddle in 13th timed in 4:21:22 followed by Connie Gardner in 16th (4:26:00). The fourth through was Anne Heaslett in 20th position in 4:36:26, then Laura Nelson in 24th with a time of 4:44:02 and finally Tania Pacev who with some orthotics has more stability in her foot and is looking much stronger - Tannia in 31st position in 4:50:32. Alternate Jenny Capel came through the 50K in 18th position in 4:30:26 with a bit of soreness in her legs, but some Flexall applied made her feel better as she headed out for the 3rd lap.


Team manager Nancy Hobbs reports from Taiwan:

Very warm and humid (temperature in the 70's) and nary a breeze at the 8:30AM start. After the first 25.3K (approx), Dan Verrington and Bob Sweeney are in the front for the Americans in 22nd and 23rd place in 1:44:50 followed closely by Howard Nippert in 1:45. Japan was in the lead for the men, but our US men looked strong gliding through the aid station. Chuck Hubbard was our fourth man in 1:52:48 and then Dave Dehart in 1:53:20. For the Women, Japan in the lead in 1:51. Our US women were led by Nikki Kimball in 19th position with 2:06. Second through was Anne Riddle followed by Ann Heaslett in 2:09, both looking refreshed in spite of the heat and humidity. Not far behind was the pack of Laura Nelson, Connie Gardner, and alternate Jenny Capel in 2:09:18. Tania Pacev in 36th position overall among the women complained of a foot ache and knee problem on the first lap in 2:17.

As planned, it looks like the entire U.S. team is taking a cautious, conservative approach in the trying conditions, anticipating a battle of attrition in the oppressive heat and humidity.

As the team heads into the second of 4 loops, the sun is peeking through the clouds intermittent with the haze, but it is heating up.


NATIONAL TEAMS: there are 22 Men's teams entered, representing five continents. There will be 11 women's teams.  Teams entered:


New Zealand
The Netherlands
Great Britain
Czech Republic


New Zealand
Great Britain

11/14/2003: USA National 100K Team Set for World Cup in Taiwan

AUA -- The USA National Team is in its final day of rest before the start of the 2004 World Cup 100K.  With this year's event in the southern part of Taiwan, in the city of Hsiang, in Tainan County, the race is predicted to be a real test of endurance and courage.  With tropical-like temperatures and humidity, the US squad will have to resort to a patient battle against the conditions and fellow competitors. 

The race starts at 8:30 AM in Taiwan on Sunday morning, which is late afternoon on Saturday in the United States [3:30 EST]. 

The course is an out and back layout near a lake, with each circuit representing 25 kilometers. The course topography begins at 150M above sea level, rising to approximately 360 meters near the far turn-around.  Check the American Ultrarunning Association's web site Saturday evening, as reports may be available after each 25K circuit. We also plan to post the final results shortly after the event.

The US Team consists of five men and six women, with the top three finishing times counting towards the team total.  The US Team is as follows:

Men's Team:
Charles Hubbard, Bloomington, MN 
Howard Nippert, Pembroke, VA 
Bob Sweeney, Ryebrook, NY 
Dan Verrington Bradford, MA
David Dehart, Waukesha, WI

Women's Team:
Connie Gardner, Medina, OH
Ann Heaslett, Madison, WI
Nikki Kimball, Elizabethtown, NY
Tania Pacev, Littleton, CO 
Anne Riddle, Asheville, NC
Laura Nelson, Waynesboro, VA

Jenny Capel, Reno, NV (non-scoring team alternate)

The team staff consists of Lin Gentling, the senior most team manager of the squad. She'll be assisted by Nancy Hobbs, who chairs the Mountain, Ultra and Trail Sport Council. Hobbs has managed the US Mountain Running Team for a number of years.  The staff is rounded out by team medical director, Lion Caldwell. 

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