Ultra News for April 2000

April 18, 2000. Site compiles more than just injury rates. Todd Veldhuizen's web site contains more than just injury statistics.  Did you know that some runners fantasize about running naked?  Or that runners over 55-years-old are more likely to have run a 100-miler than their younger counterparts?  Or that sweet foods are preferred to potatoes during ultras? Or that certain shoe brands are more common in certain areas of the world?  You could get lost for days here! Just make sure you read the introduction to learn some of the quirks of the data. [Banana eaters have more stress fractures?  I still haven't figured that one out!!] Look at the site here.

April 17, 2000. Injuries reported by Ultrarunners. Todd Veldhuizen, an ultrarunner from Indiana, has compiled injury rates and other associated data he gleaned from the biographies of ultrarunners listed at www.run100s.com.  While still under development (some refinements are in the works), the analysis yields some associations that are interesting -- as well as quite odd!  Full analysis is available online at Todd's site.

April 3, 2000. East Region edges Central Region at GNC 100K!  In the first American Regional Challenge (ARC) held in conjunction with the GNC 100K National Championships on March 25th, the host region, the East, won the crown as the top region in the USA.  ARC scoring is based on a unique method using each region's top 3 men and top 2 women finishers.  With unseasonably warm and humid conditions for this early spring day, the finishing rate plummeted to 50% of the number of 100km starters.  The weather had a profound effect on the West and South teams as they failed to finish a complete team.

The Central region got off to a quick early lead, placing Kevin Setnes and Mark Godale, 2nd and 5th overall.  However, the East region, led by Jim Garcia (4th), followed by Tim Hewitt (9th), Jeff Foster(11th) and women Dana Parrot (12th) and Marianne Foster (22nd), rallied for 58 total scoring points.  Following Godale in the Central was a strong 8th place finish by Tim Clement. 

Everyone had to wait to see if the Central's women would deliver enough low places to better the East.  When the dust finally settled it was Ann Heaselett (21st) and Sue Olsen (25th) delivering for the Central, but still narrowly missing the East for initial bragging rights as to who is the better ARC Champion.  The Central team's point total was 61.  The West managed only three finishes, led by standout trailrunner Ian Torrence.  The South, while taking the top spot with Howard Nippert (1st), only finished 4 of the necessary 5 team members.

GNC 100K ARC Winners

1.  East         58 points
2.  Central    61 points
3.  South       DNF
4.  West        DNF

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