Ultra News for December 2000 - May 2001

May 24, 2001: 12-member US Team selected to compete in the 2001 IAU 100km World Challenge

The Mountain/Ultra/Trail (MUT) Council of USA Track & Field have selected the US 100km Team to compete in the 2001 IAU 100km World Challenge. The 62.1-mile event, to be held August 26 in Cledar, France, is the longest annual World Title footrace. The twelve team members who have confirmed their intent to compete are:

James Garcia, 42, Westford, MA
Rich Hanna, 36, Sacramento, CA
Bob Sweeney, 34, Rye Brook, NY
Howard Nippert, 35, Blacksburg, VA
Tom Johnson, 42, Loomis, CA
Dave Dunham, 37, Bradford, MA

Anne Riddle, 34, Ashville, NC
Nikki Kimball, 29, Waterford, NY
Chrissy Ferguson, 40, Conway, AR
Deb Mattheus, 37, Boulder, CO
Daniele Cherniak, 39, Cohoes, NY
Jennifer Devine, 29 Sacramento, CA

Alternates, in order:

Scott Jurek, 27, Seattle, WA
Mark Godale, 30, Aurora, OH

Luanne Park, 40, Redding, CA
Christy Cosgrove, 40, Boxford, MA
Anne Heaslett, 37, Madison, WI

April 15, 2001. Deb (Bollig) Mattheus 4th at Two Oceans 56km
America's #1 ultra woman of last year, Deb Bollig (subsequently Deb Mattheus by marriage) of Colorado, has set herself up as one of the leading contenders for the World 100km title this year by finishing 4th at the Two Oceans 56km in South Africa, one of the world's fastest and most competitive ultramarathons.  Mattheus averaged 6:36 per mile for the hilly ultra race which covers almost 35 consecutive miles along South Africa's southern coast.

Comrades Marathon (56km)

Women's Top 5:
1    Gwen Van Lingen    3:43:03   R.S.A.
2    Natalia Volgina        3:44:53   Russia
3    Maria Bak                3:49:21  Germany
4    Deb Mattheus           3:51:56  U.S.A.
5    Alena Vinitskaya       3:52:41  Russia

April 7, 2001. Dave Dunham wins Chicago Lakefront 50km; Sets new American Record.

Dave Dunham won the Chicago Lakefront 50km Saturday in 2:57:35, setting a new official American Men's Road Record for the distance.  Dan Held was with him for 20 miles but then retired from the race.

Conditions were horrible: winds gusting to 40mph on the multiple out-and-back course and temperatures approaching 80 degrees.

Aziz Uras reports from Chicago:
2nd Annual Chicago Lakefront 50K - George Cheung Memorial Race held on April 7, 2001 was the stage for an exiticing development: a new US 50K record.

Dave Dunham and Dan Held started the race together, and ran more than two loops only within a few feet of each other. Dan apparently decided to postpone his attempt to another race, possible our Fall Version.

Kevin and Kris Setnes who came to Chicago to crew for Dan, shifted their focus to Dave, and proved once again how special ultrarunning sport is.

The race attracted about 160 entries with about 10 not starting. There were 118 finishers. The unprdictable weather of Chicago made running somewhat difficult. It started out cool, got quite
windy and sunny. Occasionally, gusts caught several runners unprepared and threw them off their rhythms.

Complete race results can be found at: http://www.chicagoultra.org

February 15, 2001. 
**Dan Held, Deb Bollig Named UltraRunning Magazine's Runners of the Year**

Dan Held, from Waukesha, WI who made an auspicious debut into ultra distance running last year, was named the 2000 ultrarunner of the year by UltraRunning Magazine. Deb Bollig, from Conifer, CO garnered the honors on the women's side.

Held, who sports a 2:13 marathon best, captured the USATF 50 Mile national trail championship last May in his home state, then ran to a spectacular fourth place overall finish in the World Challenge 100 Km in the Netherlands in September, clocking 6:33:12, the second fastest time in North American history. Said Held of the honor, "I am honored. I really enjoy the ultra races. I am not sure what 2001 will bring. I am running only a couple ultras again and there is no guarantee of success; given the length of the races, anything can happen."

Bollig was also at her best in the World Challenge 100 Km, securing a top ten finish in a time of 8:08:03, the top North American 100 km time for 2000. She followed that performance with a victory at the Sunmart 50 Mile in Texas in December, posting the top North American 50 mile time of the year in the process. "I appreciate the good news. The hard work that I put in certainly has paid off," said Bollig.

To go along with their Runner of the Year accolades, both Held and Bollig captured Performance of the Year Honors as well, by virtue of their leading U.S. team medal efforts in the World Challenge 100 Km.

A board of 15 voters from all regions of North America submitted ballots this year. Complete voting results will appear in the March 2001 UltraRunning. For further information, please contact publisher Don Allison at publisher@ultrarunning.com or 781-340-0616.

UR North American Runner of the Year Voting
(first place votes in parentheses) total votes received

1. Dan Held, WI          (8) 130
2. Jim Garcia, MA        (2) 125
3. Courtney Campbell, VA (2) 118
4. Ian Torrence, WA      (3) 102
5. Chad Ricklefs, CO          64

Men's Performance of the Year
1. Held's World 100 Km; 6:33:12              (13)  69
2. Dave Dunham's Chancellor 100 Km; 6:46:39        28
3. John Geesler's Olander 24 Hour; 157.95 miles    26

1. Deb Bollig, CO        (6)  150
2. Luanne Park, CA       (3)  132
3. Janice Anderson, GA   (4)  130
4. Ann Trason, CA        (1)  105
5. Monica Scholz, ONT    (1)   48

Women's Performance of the Year
1. Bollig's World 100 Km; 8:08:03 (8)        50
2. Trason's Vermont 100 Mile; 16:04:16 (1)   30
3. Anderson's RR 100 Mile; 16:03:30 (2)      27

UR Runners of the Year (1981-2000)

1981    Marcy Schwam    Bernd Heinrich
1982    Marcy Schwam    Stu Mittleman
1983    Janis Klecker   Bernd Heinrich
1984    Donna Hudson    Bernd Heinrich
1985    Sandra Kiddy    Stu Mittleman
1986    Sandra Kiddy    Chuck Jones
1987    Mary Hanudel    Charlie Trayer
1988    Ann Trason      Stefan Fekner
1989    Ann Trason      Sean Crom
1990    Ann Trason      Andy Jones
1991    Ann Trason      Andy Jones
1992    Ann Trason      Eric Clifton
1993    Ann Trason      Kevin Setnes
1994    Ann Trason      Tom Johnson
1995    Ann Trason      Tom Johnson
1996    Ann Trason      Tom Johnson
1997    Ann Trason      Tom Johnson
1998    Ann Trason      Kevin Setnes
1999    Daniele Cherniak    Mark Godale
2000    Deb Bollig      Dan Held

December 8, 2000. 2001 USA 100km Team Selection Procedures

The Mountain, Ultra, Trail (MUT) Council of USA Track & Field will use the following procedures to select six athletes for Men and six for Women to represent the USA at the 100km World Challenge in Cleder, France on August 26th, 2001. 

The top three American men and top three American women at the 2001 USA National Championship 100km will automatically be named to the USA National 100km Team provided they meet the standards of 7:45:00 (Men) or 9:00:00 (Women) in that race. The 2001 USA National Championship 100km will be hosted by the GNC 100km in Pittsburgh, PA on March 24,

The remaining USA 100km National Team members and alternates will be selected by the Men's and Women's USA Ultra Team Selection Committees based on the following criteria: 

MEN: Men's team selection will be based on past competitive performances and recent form through May 15, 2001. 

WOMEN: Women’s team selection will be based on 100km performances under 9:00, 50 mile performances under 7:00, and other significant ultra performances during the period between May 1, 1999 and May 15, 2001, and on recent form. 

All selected athletes and alternates will be notified shortly after May 15th, 2001. 

Interested athletes who would like more information or who would like to submit a resume for consideration should contact: 

Kevin Setnes at:  ksetnes@aol.com. 
PHONE 262-495-3474. 
FAX 262-495-2236. 
MAIL:  W5297 Young Road, Eagle, WI  53119.

December 7, 2000. 2001 USATF Ultra Championships Selected 
Albuquerque, NM:  In response to their request for bids for US national ultra championships, the Mountain/Ultra/Trail Running Council of USATF (MUT) received 9 bids from race directors across the country.  The following events were selected as the US ultrarunning championships for
2001 and 2002:

GNC 100K Road in Pittsburgh, PA on March 24, 2001
White River 50 Mile Trail in White River, WA on July 28, 2001
Olander Park 24 Hour Road in Sylvania, OH on September 15 – 16, 2001
HUFF 50K Trail in Huntington, IN on December 29, 2001
Chancellor 100K Road Challenge in Boston, MA on October 12, 2002

The MUT Council selected these championship races at the 22nd annual USATF Conference in Albuquerque, NM on December 2, 2000.  Although the choices were difficult because of the quality and the increasing number of bids received, these championships were awarded because they:

- Are quality races with quality depth of field
- Do not conflict with other national ultra championships or the 100K World Challenge
- Offer incentives to the competitive athlete such as accommodations or waived entry
- Offer a combined prize money pool of $40,000
- Offer open entry

Why run in a national championship race?
When you participate in a USATF ultra championship race and win overall or in an age group, you win the title of USATF national champion, master’s national champion or age-group national champion.  You will receive a USATF national championship award.  When team competition is
offered at a national championship race, your running club can vie for the title of national champion team.  Placing in the top three men’s and women’s race in the National 100K Championship selects you for the USATF 100K team competing at the World 100K championships in the Cleder, France on August 26, 2001 if you run under the qualifying standard of 7:45:00 for men and 9:00:00 for women.

Look Forward to More Championship Races.

Thanks to all race directors who submitted bids for 2001 and 2002. Race directors, please consider submitting a bid for any ultradistance championship that has not been awarded in 2001 and 2002. Ultrarunners, encourage race directors of your favorite national-class ultra races to
submit a championship bid request!  The bid form is available from MUT Championship Coordinator Janice Anderson at jslug@mindspring.com (770) 794-9537.

Congratulations to the races selected for the 2001 & 2002 ultra championships!

December 6, 2000. The Inaugural American Regional Challenge Series - 2000

This year marked the first contest of the AUA sponsored, American Regional Championships, to see which region of the United States has initial bragging rights to “The Best Ultrarunning Region in the US”.

Using a unique scoring format in which each region fields a team of 3 men and 2 women, the Central region won by way of strong finishes at all three National Championships. 

This year saw championships contested at 100 Kilometers (road), 50 Miles (Trail) and 24 Hours (Road).  The Central team garnered a first place finish at Olander Park and second place finishes at both Ice Age and GNC.

Each Championship event broke down as follows:

The GNC National 100K Championship: The season opener; East wins a 3-point squeaker over Central.  The deciding factor was Dana Parrot's overall women's victory for the East.  East winning team: Jim Garcia, Tim Hewitt, Jeff Foster, Dana Parrot, Marianne Foster.

The Ice Age National 50 Mile Trail Championship: In a big surprise, the West upset the heavily favored "hometown" Central team.  Though the Central would sweep the top 3 Men's places, It was Luanne Park and Deb Bollig's 1-2 punch for the women that won it for the West.  West winning team: Dusty Olson, Eric Clifton, Luanne Park, Deb Bollig, Curt Coonrod.

The Olander Park National 24 Hour Championships: After a see-saw battle throughout the day and night, the Central Team clinched the overall yearly title, beating out the South on the the strength and experience of its top man and woman, Roy Pirrung and Susan Olsen.  Central winning team: Roy Pirrung, Susan Olsen, John Nichols, Aaron Leitner, Elizabeth Fischer-Drew.

The Western Region managed to hold onto second place; the South Region and the East Region finished in a tie for last.  It is significant that CENTRAL was the only region to finish complete teams in all 3 of the USA Championships for the year.

The final American Regional Championship Totals

11 Points - Central Region (1st at Olander, 2nd at Ice Age and GNC)
 7 Points - West Region (1st at Ice Age, 3rd at Olander, DNF at 100K)
 5 points - East Region (1st at GNC, DNF at Ice Age and Olander)
 5 points - South Region (2nd at Olander, 3rd at Ice Age) 

The 2000 AUA/ARC All-Americans:

Dan Held
Kevin Setnes
Steve Szydlik
Roy Pirrung
Mark Godale
Susan Olsen
Ann Heaslett
Elizabeth Fischer-Drew

Luanne Park
Deb Bollig
Dusty Olson
Eric Clifton
Amanda McIntosh

Howard Nippert
Scott Eppelman
Sandy Powell
Tracy Rose

Dana Parrot
John Geesler
David Luljak
Jim Garcia


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