U.S. Ultramarathon Running Records and Best Performances


The following lists of U.S. All-Comers, Open, and Age-Group Records are compiled, reviewed, and ratified by USA Track & Field, the National Governing Body for Ultrarunning.  

The American Ultrarunning Association lists them here as a courtesy to USA Track & Field, the media, and the ultrarunning community.


Guidelines for Setting Records in American Ultramarathons

Notes on U.S. Road Records:

A performance may be recognized as a U.S. road record if the race in which it was achieved was conducted in accordance with the appropriate rules of USA Track & Field. These define the methods and standards for timing, starting, fair competition, course measurement and certification and performance validation. The advantage which an athlete may gain from slope and/or wind is limited. The elevation of the start of the course may not be greater than the finish by more than 1 meter/kilometer of the race distance. The start and the finish of the race may not be separated by more than 30% of the race distance. Records may be set on courses where the separation exceeds 30% but which comply with the standard for drop if tailwind advantage to the race leader is not present for more than 50% of the race course.

To represent the variety and history of road racing, the best time is listed, regardless of compliance with the standards, if it is faster than the record.

The following codes apply to all records sections on this web site:

R = Ratified United States Record

R = Ratified United States Best or Women-only Record that is slower than Mixed-race Record

P = Pending - Validation and/or completed application needed

U = Unvalidatable, cannot be ratified

V = Pending course validation only

W = Open record from ‘women only' race

D = Proof of birthdate and/or citizenship needed

a = Performance possibly aided by wind and/or slope, not eligible for record

Note: Only the track or the road mark - whichever is faster in each age division - is listed as the official record for the 48 hour, 6 day (144 hours) and 1000 mile events. For completeness on this web site only, both the track and road marks will be listed, when available,  for the purpose of goal-setting in these events.